Nae Straw At Aw – Sunnyside Ocean Defenders

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

Who we are

Sunnyside School of Conservation is a Glasgow City Council establishment in the east end of Glasgow in Scotland. We are an inner city school but are fortunate enough to have Hogganfield Park and Cardown Moss on our doorstep. Our school came up with the #NaeStrawAtAw campaign.

What we do

What makes Sunnyside Primary a bit different is that we are a school of conservation. So how did we get to become Sunnyside School of Conservation? Well it all started a few years ago with this class. When they were in Miss Perrieā€™s class in P6 and P7 they started lots of conservation projects.

Getting Involved

We have been actively spreading the news of our campaigns in local and national goverment. We have had interest from companies or organisations willing to support our cause. Read more about us here.